“We visited a couple of the homes they had built and Raymond could show us things he trimmed up and the homeowner and the architects both were happy with. It made us confident that Raymond would understand the special things that would make our house different and better.”

“Our house is a LEED certified home for energy conservation. Raymond understood all the energy conservation technology and helped us with the specifications and selection of equipment to make that happen.”

“Raymond personally knew every detail of how to build a solid house. Another strength was his engineering degree, so he understands technical issues related to the structural strength of the house.”

“Raymond explained to us the construction techniques that he had learned over the years. A lot of them were nuts and bolts, practical things. Like the best way to seal around windows, and the method to nail the floor joists that prevents squeaky floors.”

“Raymond built our house 7 years ago and did a fabulous job. We became very close to Raymond and enjoyed his work.”

“One of the best things about Raymond was he was very upfront in cost. So as we went through the process, we knew what things were costing us, and it was fabulous.”

“Raymond was just the most impressive. Very honest. Very open. He was willing to sit down and really discuss stuff with us that other guys just kind of blew by. I am thrilled with how our home worked out.”

“Raymond was somebody that would listen to us. Somebody that would keep us informed of costs. That was the main thing.”

“Raymond was open and honest. We had a lot of communication with him. It was very, very important.”

“Raymond’s strengths were patience with customers, experience in the building process and home construction and design.”

“Raymond came to us as a very kind, supportive builder. We got along well and he was seen as a real support asset instead of an adversary.”

“Raymond is a degreed engineer. He’s had classes in physics and calculus and, you know, structural engineering

“Raymond possesses some deep understanding of the latest technologies involved in construction and that meant a lot to me.”

“It was a wonderful experience. And it was because they were so open, friendly and willing to talk, and research to find answers to our questions.”


“Raymond is a really caring guy, and not only for the homeowner and architects, he cares about all the subs and trades that come on site.”

“Raymond is so knowledgeable about so many construction products and methods.”

“Raymond knows how to put a team together that the architect and homeowner can trust. That’s probably the biggest common denominator with RÄK.”


“Raymond handles a lot of the pre-construction questions efficiently, which helps us when we get to the construction phase.”

“Raymond wants to make sure that as subcontractors we’re partners and going to be successful in all of his projects. Which in turn makes us reciprocate that and want him to be as successful as he’s been by being on the job on time, having high quality workers on site and making sure that we give Raymond’s clients the highest possible quality masonry.”

“What I like about RÄK is their level of communication and feeling like we’re a partner and not just some group of workers that were hired to fulfill a task. We want to come in and be able to do the highest quality – not just meet the standard, but overachieve.”

“If the homeowner is happy then Raymond is happy.”

Attention to detail. Very hands on.  Raymond is very fair, very responsive. We’ve got a good business relationship.

Raymond. Intelligent. Responsive. Very professional.

we need the contractor to understand the document that we — for submittal. We need to have the contractor understand the project that they’re working on. We’re going to quote it anywhere from all the lumber that’s involved with it, — joist and then the truss system.

And so when we send over drawings for approvals we need the contractor to have a good understanding of the construction process.. So we…one of the greatest fears we have is that of a contractor really has no idea of how to put a building together or what it takes to put a building together.

Basically just by being responsive and being able to understand the submittal documents that are sent over and how to…if there’s any corrections that need to be made, just communicating those corrections so that trusses get built right, boards get sent out correctly and what not. So just being able to communicate and be responsive and understand the build.

His attention to detail on the project and involvement. His overall involvement in the project is very good.

Getting all of the information to be able to complete our job, from the breaking stage through the actual on site working on the project phase. The more information we have proactively prior to the project beginning, the more efficient we can be as far as ordering materials, making sure we get the right product, the right amount, the right quantity of product. Making sure we understand all of the details that are unique to the project that Ray works on.

It’s that partnership…we want to be part of something that’s special and unique and creating an end product for a customer that not just any contractor can do.

I think that Ray is so good on the front end of these projects, getting questions answered, getting details from architects and designers and getting those in front of the client for approval, prior to the construction process, so that when it comes time to actually do the work, the project isn’t slowed down.