Builder of Dreams

In the Homeowners’ Words:

“We visited a couple homes they had built and Raymond showed us things he trimmed up that the homeowner and the architects both were happy with. It made us confident that Raymond understood the importance of the special things that would make our house different and better.”

In the Architects’ Words:

“Honesty, integrity, and building skills are such important features in a builder.
I would totally recommend RÄK to any homeowner.”

In the Contractors’ Words:

“What I like about RÄK is their level of communication with us. We feel like we’re a partner and not just some group of workers hired to fulfill a task. We want to come in and be able to do the highest quality work possible—not just meet the standard, but overachieve.”

We build homes that last several lifetimes.

We pride ourselves in our extensive use of proven building methods that extend the life of your home. The end result is a home built to last. A home you and your family can wake up in and enjoy for years.