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Building in Harmony

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An orchestrated effort builds your dream home.To accomplish what you envision for your dream home requires a symphony of three key contributors:

you, the homeowner (the composer);
the architect (the conductor);
and the builders (the orchestra players).
In order to create something wonderful and beautiful, all three of these contributors must perform in harmony. And harmony is only accomplished through clear communication, mutual understanding, attention to detail, and commitment to the same vision.
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When homeowners come to us,
they are in one of two stages:

You have a blueprint in hand.

If you have already contracted with an architect and your home design is completed, then RÄK is the building partner you need.We first sit down with you and your plans we will listen to what you desire in your home. We examine floor plans and renderings and see how the architect has shaped your vision. We read carefully every detail of the architect’s blueprints so that we can apply our expert knowledge of construction practices. We provide a list of the latest technologies and materials available from both North American and European suppliers. We discuss these options with you so that you can make informed budgetary decisions. From there we can create accurate estimates of projected building costs.

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You need an architect and a builder partnership.

It would be great to build a home on an unlimited budget, but for most homeowners that is not reality. Amazingly beautiful designs have never been built because of cost limitations.

If the homeowner can’t build an architect’s masterpiece because of budget constraints no one’s goals are met. Everyone loses. Because of this, the budget is a critical component to the design of any project.

Some architects feel that budgets hinder creativity. Other architects believe that budgets can actually inspire creativity. Ultimately, it is the homeowner who pays for the home and the homeowner determines the budget.

RÄK’s vision in the design process is to place the homeowner in control. We present options to the homeowner so they can make informed budget decisions. We then work with the architect to figure out the best way within budget to do something just as beautiful as both architect and homeowner desire.


RÄK Home Construction builds luxury homes along the lakeshore of Michigan.

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