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The Architect and RÄK

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Our role is to support the architect’s vision.

Rak Caledonia CeilingStaris at the Kulgren house.
The architect is the conductor. The architect is the one who brings the homeowner’s vision to life. As the builder, we contribute our construction expertise to express and enhance this vision.
There is incredible value in the architect consulting the builder as initial concepts are considered. In this way, the homeowner can be protected from the disappointment of having a home designed, only to find out later on that it is too expensive to build.

To that end, RÄK reviews architect renderings. We ask questions. We pay attention to every detail in the drawings that affect construction decisions.

Another value of this mutual relationship is that, during the design process, RÄK can contribute knowledge of the latest technologies and materials available from suppliers in both North America and Europe. We can then contribute special construction elements to the home that both enhance the design and create a unique home for the homeowner.
Rak House

RÄK Home Construction builds luxury homes along the lakeshore of Michigan.

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